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Find out your Body Mass Index with the free BMI Calculator. Having calculated your BMI, the BMI Calculator can asses your ideal weight.

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Find out your ideal weight with the help of the free BMI Calculator.

How does the Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator work?

The Body Mass Index Calculator (BMI), also known as the BMI Calculator, calculates your overall body mass using your weight and height measurements. The free BMI Calculator uses both of these fields to provide the statistics of your body fat in kg/m2 and whether this makes you underweight, overweight or of average weight.

How do you interpret the results?

Your Body Mass Index (BMI) number is obtained by the combination of height and weight measurements. Using the BMI Calculator, you can interpret your result to see whether you’re a healthy weight: overweight, obese or underweight.  

How reliable is the BMI Calculator?

The BMI Calculator gives you an approximate BMI value. However, please remember that the value you receive is an approximate value and, in any case, this information should not be a substitution for professional advice. If you want to find your exact BMI, we suggest consulting your local dietitian or doctor.

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