Electricity Consumption Calculator

Find out how much Electricity you use every day and how you can save on your Electricity Costs with the free Electricity Consumption Calculator.

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How does the Electricity Consumption Calculator work?

To use the Electricity Consumption Calculator, you should add all of the Electric Appliances in your home to the list and make sure you select the appropriate information regarding its Energy Usage (Watts) and amount of time it is turned on every day. The required fields of the Electricity Consumption Calculator include:

  • Appliances: What Electrical Appliances do you use day to day? Different Electrical Appliances are grouped according to different rooms in the home within the list provided by the Electricity Consumption Calculator, making it easier to find and select what you’re looking for.
  • Number of Appliances: How many appliances do you have? For example, the total number of televisions and telephones in your home.
  • Power: How much Power (watts) does each electrical appliance use?
  • Usage: How long do you have each appliance switched on for?

You can add as many Electrical Appliances as you want to the Electricity Consumption Calculator. As you fill in the required information, the Energy Usage will automatically update whilst you are adding further appliances. You will then find out how much energy you are using every day for each of the electrical appliances that you have listed in the Enery Usage Calculatorput as well as the Total Energy Consumption.

Can the Electricity Consumption Calculator help me to save money?

Saving money on your Electricty Bills is very simple if you can pinpoint which electrical appliances are using the most amount of Energy unnecessarily. With the Electrical Consumption Calculator, you can find out the total Energy Consumption of your Household Appliances and start reducing the hours that you are using your electrical appliances or even replace them with ones that use less electricity.