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Record all of your best track times with the free Running Calculator. As a type of Pace Calculator, the Running Calculator is essential for all runners!

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Sprint TestThe Running Calculator calculates the distance, speed and duration of your run. By entering just two of the three fields, the free Running Calculator can determine the value of the remaining field. For instance, by entering the distance and speed of your workout, the Running Calculator can calculate the amount of time your run would have taken etc.

You should remember that:

  • Time: is the total time that you took to complete your run in hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Distance: is the total distance that has been recorded and you can select the distance in kilometers, meters or yards. If you prefer, you can let the Running Calculator choose a distance that is most common for runners.
  • Speed: is the pace at which completed the distance of your run.

Once you have filled in the fields of the Running Calculator, press the calculate button to receive the results.

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