Nicotine Addiction Calculator

Calculating your dependence on cigarettes, use the Nicotine Addiction Calculator to find out if you’re really addicted to Nicotine.

How long is it until you light your first cigarette after waking up?
Do you find it difficult to stop yourself from smoking in places where it is banned? Yes 
How much would a pack of cigarettes have to cost for you not to buy them? First thing in the morning
Any other
How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?
Do you smoke more in the morning or in the afternoon? Morning
Do you smoke when you are ill? Yes 
Nicotine dependence level :
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Smoking Cost CalculatorAm I addicted to Nicotine? Find out if you have a Nicotine Addiction with the help of our Nicotine Addiction Calculator. 

Nicotine is a particularly addictive substance and many smokers don’t realize how easy it can be to develop Nicotine Dependence. With the Nicotine Addiction Calculator you can find out the level of your addiction to cigarettes and nicotine.

How does the Nicotine Addiction Calculator work?

The Nicotine Addiction Calculator simply needs you to answer 6 questions to establish your level of addiction to cigarettes.

  • How long does it take for you to light up after you’ve woken up?
  • It is hard to restrain smoking in an environment where it is forbidden to smoke?
  • If cigarettes were more expensive would you quit?
  •  How many cigarettes do you smoke every day?
  • Do you smoke more in the morning or the afternoon?
  • Do you smoke when you’re ill?

How do I reduce my Nicotine Intake?

Depending on your level of addiction to cigarettes as calculated by the Nicotine Addiction Calculator, you may decide to cut back on cigarettes or quit altogether. There are a variety of different methods that can help you quit smoking; fake cigarettes, nicotine gum, alternative treatments. However, if you are seriously thinking about quitting smoking, you should seek medical advice and they can advise you on the best forms and methods to take.