Online Calculators

On this page, you will find a variety of tools and Online Calculators designed to make your life easier from Financial Calculators to Pregnancy Calculators!

Here, you can find a wide variety of online calculators, converters and tools specifically designed to make your life easier. Covering a wide range of fields, our Online Calculators include Pregnancy, Financial, Mathematical, Health, and Sports Calculators. Have a look at our selection of Online Calculators and Converters to see what takes your interest!

 Types of Calculators

Pregnancy Calculators

Fertility CalculatorsHelping you through all of the Stages of Pregnancy from the conception up to the months following the birth, our Pregnancy Calculators include a wide selection of tools to help you keep track of your pregnancy. Including Fertility Calculators and Due Date Calculators, the Pregnancy Calculators section is ready to help you prepare for the arrival of your baby!

Financial Calculators

Financial CalculatorsThe Financial Calculators  section provides online calculators, converters and tools to help you through any Financial Matter. Including Mortgage Calculators, Currency Converters, Exchange Rate Calculators, VAT Calculators and much more, our collection of Financial Calculators provide calculators to manage all of your finances quickly and efficiently.

Mathematical Calculators

scientific calculatorsWith our free online Mathematical Calculators, there’s no need to buy one! Designed to help with simple Math Problems like addition, subtraction, multiplication and Division as well as more complex Math Equations involving trigonometry and Long Division. Test our Math Calculators now!

Business Calculators

Business CalculatorsManage your business more effectively with the help of our Business Calculators. Designed to help with all aspects of business work and management from Loan to Wage Calculations, have a look at our Business Calculators to see how they can help you at work.

Health and Exercise Calculators

Sports CalculatorsThe Health, Nutrition and Sports Calculators are all designed to help you stay healthy and fit. Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or maintain your current weight, the Health and Sports Calculators include a selection of tools dedicated to dieting and physical exercise. Including BMI Calculators, Protein Calculators, Body Fat Calculators and Calorie Counters, find out how healthy you really are and how you can improve!

Informatics Calculators

Informatics calculatorsOur Informatics Calculators are tools designed to convert Bytes into Mega. Including a Hexadecimal (Hex) Calculator, the Informatics Calculators and Converters are available here!

Entertainment Calculators

Leisure CalculatorsOur Online Calculators even include a section dedicated to Entertainment Calculators. With Love Calculators, Celebrity Compatibility Tests and Horoscope Sign Calculators to predict your fortune according to the ancient Mayan or Chinese Calendars, the Entertianment Calculators and Tests are Fun Calculators for you to use in your free time and relax!