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The Mayan Horoscope Calculator determines your Mayan Zodiac Sign from the Mayan Calendar. Discover your horoscope with the Mayan Horoscope Calculator now!

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Use the Horoscope Sign Maya Calculator to discover your Mayan Zodiac Sign according to the Mayan Calendar.

The Mayan Calendar was an ancient means of timekeeping achieved through the combination of three separate calendars: the Tzolk’in, the Haab and the Long Count. The Mayan Horoscope Sign Calculator uses the Haab Calendar to calculate your Mayan Zodiac Sign. In total, the Haab Calendar has 19 different Zodiac Signs which all respresent varying aspects of a person’s character and daily life. Find out your Mayan Zodiac Sign with the free Mayan Horoscope Calculator now!

Mayan Zodiac Signs

Ch’enBlack storm, black sky, moon, one flower, West
YaxGreen storm, Venus, Two flowers, South
SacWhite storm, Frog, Three flowers, North
KehRed storm, trees, deer, East
MakClosed, god number 3
K’ank’inEarth Dog, Yellow, Underworld, Sun Yellow
MuwanOwl, god of rain and clouds, fire
PaxPlating date, arrow, drum, steam
KayabTortoise, god of the moon, one god
Kumk’uGrain, Crocodile, corn, Two Gentlemen, dark gods, God Itzamnas of rain and plants
WayebDays of bad luck, disastrous, God of Earth, Spectrum, Days lost
PopJaguar, boss, Leader, loose soil
WoBlack sky, black jaguar, night, frog, 2 loose soils, black storm
SipRed Conjunction, Red Sky, Red Storm, Deer
SotzBat Fish, Two mosses, Start of Winter
SecSky and earth
XulDog, day of birds, god dog
Yaxk’inSun again, God of the Sun, Red Clouds, Green
MolWater accumulation of clouds, Jaguar