Business Calculators

Our Business Calculators provide all the tools needed for work. From payroll to salary calculators, the Finance Calculators needed in Business can be found here!

Business CalculatorsOn this page, you can find all the Business Calculators needed for the working world whether you´re self-employed, manage a business or work for a company. Our selection of Finance Calculators offer all the support you´ll need to manage finances, calculate compatibilty and compile the statistics essential for success in the financial world. 

Useful Calculators for the Worker

As a worker, there are always lots of business and financial figures to worry about from salary calculations to retirment and settlement sums. Have a look at the following free Business Calculators to help you manage your financial and working life.

Useful Calculators for the Self-Employed

If you´re self-employed or a freelancer, taking control of your finances is even more important as the costs directly affect you and your work. In this section, you can find essential Business and Financial Calculators to help you take your Business further every day.

  • Net Income Calculator for the Self-Employed
  • Self-employed income tax calculator

Useful Calculators for Businesses

There are tools which, crucial in any business environment, should be used in the day to day running of your finances and company, such as, compatibility tools, tax calculators and even personal financial calculators. In this section, you can find Finance calculators specifically designed for the working world which will help to make your working life run much more smoothly.

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