Staff Shift Schedule Planning Calculator

In need of organisational help when managing the shifts of your employees? Try this Staff Shift Planning Calculator to help simplify the process.

When in need of planning your team and their schedule efficiently you may use an Online Calculator that will save you time. A shift schedule is established to cover all the necessities of the enterprise. It also ensures the highest possible productivity. With a schedule generator or the shift schedule calculator you can schedule the shifts with ease.

How to calculate shift work schedules

You can use different techniques to generate shift schedules for your employees, including Excel sheets as one option. But another alternative is a shift schedule planning calculator, a simple tool to use that will generate the shifts. This is done using an auto-fill of the time slots on the basis of the types of working days that the company has.

If you want to learn how to use the staff shift schedule planning calculator, let us examine the process step by step :

  • First, insert the time slots, whether they are in the morning, afternoon, or evening or if they are shared. Concretely you will also want to add the description, beginning and end.
  • With this business calculator you can create all the tasks necessary to cover the time slots you need.
  • In the next step you must specify the amount of employees that are required per day and per type of shift.
  • Finally, you just need to click the button and the generator of the timetable and the employees allocated days will also automatically generate, all adapted to the specificity of your organization.

Right Techniques to Adopt for Work Shift Scheduling

To establish a rotating staff shift schedule and generate a timetable that adjusts itself to legal requirements, take into account the following parameters :

  • working days must start within 12 hours of each other
  • If the working day lasts more than 6 hours, you must impose a break period
  • You must publish the timetable schedule with a sufficient delay as to ensure the worker knows their timetable.

What factors are relevant when creating a rotating staff shift schedule?

Analyze the following characteristics of the staff shift schedule : the size, structure, as well as the demands of the clients, the professional profiles required, the FTE, the rotations necessary and the number of employees.