Pregnancy Management Calculator

The Pregnancy Management Calculator manages numerous pieces of data about the growth of your baby during pregnancy: Age management, fetal weight, percentile growth… etc

What is the Pregnancy Management Calculator?pregnancy management

The Pregnancy Management Calculator is a useful online Pregnancy Calculator specifically designed to determine various aspects of your Pregnancy and the growth of your baby. Based on information taken form ultrasounds, the results provided by the Pregnancy Management Calculator or Gestational Calculator are far more reliable than those given by other Pregnancy Calculators which are largely based on prediction and speculation.

Some of the values used in the Pregnancy Management Calculator are below (Click on each value for more information)

  • EG – Gestational Age
    • EG por FUR – Gestational Age according to the date of your last period
    • EG por LCC – Gestational Age according to the Crown-to-Rump Length (CRL)
    • EG por DBP – Gestational Age according to Biparietal Diameter
    • EG por PC – Gestational Age according to Head Circumference
  • FPP – Estimated Due Date
    • FPP por LCC – Estimated Due Date according to Crown-to-Rump Length (CRL)
    • FPP por DBP – Estimated Due Date according to Biparietal Diameter
    • FPP por PC – Estimated Due Date according to Head Circumference
  • FUR – Date of your last Period
    • FUR por LCC – Date of your Last Period according to the Crown-to-Rump Length (CRL)
    • FUR por DBP – Date of your Last Period according to Biparietal Diameter
    • FUR por PC – Date of your Last Period according to Head Circumference
  • DBP – Biparietal Diameter
    • PC – Head Circumference
    • PA – Stomach Circumference
    • LF – Femur Length
    • TM – Trimester


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