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Find out the time in any other country around the world right now with the free Time Zone Calculator.

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Find out the time in any other country around the world with the easy to use and completely free Time Zone Converter!

The Time Zone Converter

Time Zone Converter Calculator

The Time Zone Converter is a quick and simple tool that calculates the time in any part of the world. You simply have to choose a country or city from which to convert a time of your choosing. The equivalent time in another country or city, as indicated by you in the second field of the Time Zone Converter,  is then calculated. You have the choice between a 24 hour format (00.00 a 23.59) or an am/pm format (00.00 a 11.59).

After filling in the relevant fields of the free Time Zone Calculator, simply press the calculate button to receive the results!

How does the Time Zone Converter work?

The Earth is divided into 24 different time zones which are predominantly offset from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Certain higher latitude countries in the world use Daylight Saving Time at specific points during the year by moving the clocks forward or backward by an hour.

The way in which the different time zones are organized is shown in the following world map: