Mortgage Calculator

The free Mortgage Calculator can help you to modify your mortgage. Make changes to your loan quickly and easily with the Mortgage Calculator.


Our free Mortgage Calculator, forming a part of our Financial Calculators section, can help you to calculate the various aspects of your mortgage now. Need to calculate your home loan repayments? Look no further than the Mortgage Calculator

How does the Mortgage Calculator work?

Simply fill in the fields of the free Mortgage Calculator with the required information to find out the monthly fee to which you are entitled. You must fill in the following areas:

  • Amount of finance: the total mortagage amount, ie the amount of money to be returned in installments.
  • Amortization period: the duration of the mortgage (in years). The amount of time you have to repay the entire loan.
  • Interest rate: the interest rate in which you have to pay for your mortgage. It is in a percentage or decimal form
  • Monthly fee: the result of the mortgage calculator. You must pay this amount every month to repay the total loan.

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