Sports Calculators

Want to lose Weight? Or just Improve your Health? Learn about Fitness and get into Shape with our selection of Sports Calculators and Tools!

On this page, you can find all types of Sport Calculators and Tools to test your level of fitness and physical form. Get to know your body, what you’re capable of and what your limits are with the variety of Fitness Tests and Training Exercises provided in the Sports Calculators section.


Calculators and Tools to measure your Physical Form

calculadora_frecuencia_cardiacaAre you at your ideal weight? Do you have a healthy lifestyle? With the following selection of Sports Calculators, you can find out more about your level of Fitness and overall Physical Health.


Tests to measure your Physical Strength

calculadora_situps2Here, you can find many different Fitness Tests to measure your Physical Strength with Sports Calculators specially designed to measure: Physical Resistance, Strength, Muscle Strength. Designed by specialists, these Physical Tests are for those who want to measure and improve their Fitness through regular training.


Specific Sports Calculators

test-de-sprintNot all Sports Calculators are the same, for example, some Sporting Activities require tools and specific calculators which help to keep control of all aspects of a particular physical activity. Here, you can find tools to make the continual pratice of a sport much easier.


Calorie Consumption Calculators

calculadora_calorias_quemadasEvery type of exercise requires a degree of energy and, depending on the physical activity, burns a different number of calories. Find out the total number of calories you burn when practicing different sports and doing different activties with the following Calorie Consumption Calculators.