Bench Press Test Calculator

Find out your Fitness Level with the free Bench Press Test Calculator. Discover what the Bench Press Test says about your physical shape and health.

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Bench Press CalculatorThe free Bench Press Test Calculator calculates your physical shape and fitness levels through the results of a Bench Press Test. Comparing your Bench Press Results to those achieved by others of your age and gender, the Bench Press Calculator provides accurate and reliable statistics to determine your general level of fitness. 

How does the Bench Press Test Calculator work?

The Bench Press Test Calculator determines your strength and muscle resistance by taking into account the number of bench presses you can do in a row.

To use the Bench Press Test Calculator, you simply need:

  • A workout bench
  • A stopwatch (which can be programmed for 60 seconds)
  • Weights (36kg or 80lbs for men, 16kg or 35lbs for women.

Instructions to complete the Bench Press Test are as follows:

  • Get the stopwatch ready so you can press it easilybefore starting the test.
  • Get your body readily positioned to start your bench presses quickly.
  • Continue the exercise by extending and lowering your arms holding the weights.
  • Finish the test as soon as the time is up.
  • When you’re finished, enter the number of bench presses you have done into the Bench Press Test Calculator and indicate both your age and gender.
  • Press the calculate button.

How do I interpret the results from my Bench Press Test Calculator?

Three different results can be shown when you press the calculate button:

  • Ranking: the average number of bench presses a person of the same age and gender can do.
  • Score: the total value our of 100 that you achieve in terms of fitness when compared to the results of others with the same age and gender.
  • Rating: Assessing your fitness levels (Poor, average, good or excellent)
  • If your results are low according to the Bench Press Test Calculator, we recommend that you practice this exercise daily. In a very small amount of time, you will notice a dramatic improvement.

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