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Measure your Heart Rate with the Heart Rate Calculator. Find out if your Heart Rate is below or above average with the free Heart Rate Calculator!

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The Heart Rate Calculator uses the Pulse Rate (the number of times your heart contracts and relaxes per minute) to calculate your current Heart Rate. Then, the results of the free Heart Rate Calculator can be used to determine the overall health of your Heart as changes in your Heart Rate and a weak pulse may indicate Heart Problems.

How does the Heart Rate Calculator work?

Metabolic Heart Rate CalculatorFirstly, you can measure your Pulse Rate by holding two fingers over the wrist, neck or upper arm and counting the number of beats over a set period of time (at least 15 to 20 seconds). Enter the number of beats into the Heart Rate Calculator as well as the time over which you recorded your Pulse Rate. After clicking the calculate button, the Heart Rate Calculator will show you your Current Heart Rate.

The best time to record your Resting Pulse is first thing in the morning, just after you wake up but before you get out of bed.  

What is considered a normal heartbeat?

A Heartbeat ranging between 50 and 100 beats per minute is considered normal. However, there are times when the heart beat can vary significantly more. For example:

  • When we are born we have a high heart rate because the bodys activity is intense. From the first month of life, decreases until reaching adulthood, remaining stable after age 20.
  • The heart rate varies throughout the day and night and in response to various stimuli so that the measurements can vary depending on activity.
  • During exercise the heart produces a normal response which is called tachycardia ( a resting heart rate which is above 100 beats per minute (bmp) and bradycardia (a low heart rate which is below 55 bmp )
  • Frequent exercise will improve cardiac system and help improve the overall health of your heart.

In any case, exercising regularly with better your cardiovascular system and prevent triggering any heart problems.