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The Jewish or Hebrew Calendar Converter will convert any date from the Gregorian Calendar into the equivalent date according to the Jewish Calendar.

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How does the Hebrew Calendar Converter work?

By simply entering a date into the Gregorian Calendar section of the Calendar Converter, the Hebrew Calendar Converter will display the equivalent date according to the Jewish Calendar. As well as showing the date conversion from Gregorian to Jewish, the free Hebrew Calendar Converter will also display the Sign of the Month in Hebrew.

The Hebrew Calendar

Hebrew Calendar ConverterThe Hebrew Calendar, also called the Jewish Calendar, is a type of Lunisolar Calendar based on the cycle of the earth around the sun (yearly) and the moon around the earth (monthly).

The Hebrew months vary between 29 and 30 days as follows:

  • Tishrei (30 days) (תשרי) – between September to October.
  • Jeshván (29 or 30 days) (חשוון, also called Marjeshván – מרחשוון) – October to November
  • Kislev (30 or 29 days) (כסלו) – November to December
  • Tevet (29 days) (טבת) – December to January
  • Shevat (30 days) (שבט) – January to February
  • Adar (29 days) (אדר) – February to March
  • Nisán (30 days) (ניסן) – March to April
  • Iyar (29 days) (אייר) – April to May
  • Siván (30 days) (סיוון) – May to June
  • Tamuz (29 days) (תמוז) – June to July
  • Av (30 days) (אב) – July to August
  • Elul (29 days) (אלול) – August to September