Sprint Test Calculator

The Sprint Test Calculator measures your speed when sprinting using the distance and time taken to calculate your overall score in sprinting.

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Sprint TestThe Sprint Test Calculator uses the distance and time taken to calculate your overall speed during a sprint. Find out how quickly you can run and improve your Sprint Time by regularly testing yourself with the Sprint Test Calculator!

How does the Sprint Test Calculator work?

Use a stopwatch to time a 20 or 40 metre sprint. When you have completed the sprint, take note of the results and enter them into the appropriate fields of the Sprint Test Calculator. Once you press the calculate button, the Sprint Test Calculator will provide a result on your current physical shape and fitness level compared to the average score of others of the same age and gender.

How do I interpret the Sprint Test Calculation results?

The results come in 3 different forms:

  • Average: The average time that someone of the same age and gender would normally take to complete the sprint.
  • Score: The average time in comparison to other people of the same age and sex.
  • Evaluation: Assessment of your physical form ( poor, bad, average, good or excellent)