Settlement Calculator

Use the Compensation and Settelement Calculator to find out how much settlement money you are owed when your contract has been completed.

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Días de vacaciones al año
Días de vacaciones disfrutados este año
Indemnización (Días por año trabajado)
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Compensation CalculatorThe Compensation and Settlement Calculator can help you to find out how much Settlement Money you are owed upon the completion of your contract. Quick and simple to use, the Compensation Calculator can help you to claim your Settlement Money now.

How does the Compensation Calculator work?

The Compensation and Settlement Calculator takes three separate factors into account when calculating what final Settlement Package you´re entitled to receive once you´ve completed your contract. The Compensation Amount provided by the Compensation and Settlement Calculator is determined by:

The Duration of Contract (Using the start and end dates of your contract)
The Gross Annual Salary (In euros)
The Type of Dismissal

  • Unfair disciplinary dismissal (Normal Contract)
  • Unfair disciplinary dismissal ( Occupational)
  • Disciplinary dismissal
  • Objective dismissal
  • Unfair objective dismissal (Normal Contract)
  • Unfair objective dismissal (Occupation)
  • Collective dismissal
  • Voluntary termination by altering working hours
  • Voluntary termination by transfer
  • Voluntary Termination

What is the Compensation and Settlement Calculator?

Severance Payments are the payments which a person is entitled to receive under the terms of their employment agreement and the Compensation and Settlement Calculator can help you to make sure you´re going to receive everything you are allowed to claim. Depending on how long you worked for the specific company, the gross annual salary you received when working there as well as the way in which your contract was ultimately terminated, the Compensation Calculator is free and ready to help you discover your total Severance Pay!