Average Salary Country Calculator

Find out if your salary is above or below the National Average as well as the salaries of different countries with the Average Salary Country Calculator.

Average Salary Country CalculatorWhat is the Average Salary per Country

Simply choose a country from the list on the top left hand side of the Average Salary Country Calculator and the tool will focus on the National Average Salary for that specific country. Then, after entering your salary in the top right hand side, the Average Salary Country Calculator will automatically show your ranking in terms of salary and whether it´s particularly low or high for the National Average of your chosen country.

How to compare my salary to the average salary of other countries…

With the Average Salary Country Calculator, simply clear the salary value on the top right hand side of the Salary Calculator and choose your country from the list provided. A graph displaying all the data concerning the country´s average national salary will appear, ready for you to compare the differences of salary between various countries around the world.