Baby Eye Color Calculator

Using geneology to determine your child’s eye color, the Eye Color Calculator can predict the probability of your baby’s Eye Colour.

baby eye color predictorThe Baby Eye Color Calculator calculates the probability of your child having blue, green or brown eyes. Using geneology, the free Eye Color Calculator can help you to predict the future Eye Colour of your child!

What color eyes will my baby have?

Determined by the parent’s and grandparent’s genes, it is possible to predict the colour of your baby’s eyes with the Baby Eye Colour Calculator. However, the results of the Baby Eye Color Test are probabilities concerning your baby’s future eye colour and are in no way guaranteed.

How does the Eye Color Calculator work?

The Baby Eye Colour Calculator is explained step-by-step as well as explanations on how to read the Eye Colour Test results:

Press the CLICK TO BEGIN button.

Start by selecting the colour of your eyes (or the colour that best matches yours) from the provided colours: blue, brown and green. Having completed your Eye Colour section, the Baby Eye Color Calculator will ask you the colour of your brother’s or sister’s eyes. If you don’t have a sibling, simply select ´no´.



To continue, choose the colour of your partner’s eyes. If they have a twin with different colour eyes, indicate this too.



The last section of the Baby Eye Color Test requires you to select the eye colour of both your parents and your partner’s parents.


Press the CALCULATE button.

The results of the Eye Colour Calculator will immediately be displayed showing the probabilities of having a child with blue, green or brown eyes.




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