Convert Weeks into Months

Find out how many months into your pregnancy you are with the Weeks into Months Pregnancy Calculator which converts your weeks of pregnancy into Months.


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Convert Weeks into Months , how does this work?

The Weeks into Months Pregnancy Calculator converts the amount of time you’ve been pregnant from weeks into the equivalent number of months. If you want to find out how far along into your pregnancy you are, the Weeks into Months Converter is the most efficient tool for calculating and recording your pregnancy.

To use the Weeks into Months Pregnancy Converter, simply fill in the required fields of the Pregnancy Calculator with the length of your pregnancy in weeks. Once you’ve pressed the calculate button, you’ll immediately be shown how far along you are in months!

Table equivalent for Months into Weeks

 First month of pregnancy Weeks 1 – 4
Second month of pregnancy Weeks 5 – 8
Third month of pregnancy Weeks 9 – 13
Fourth month of pregnancy Weeks 14 – 17
Fifth month of pregnancy Weeks 18 – 22
Sixth month of pregnancy Weeks 23 – 27
Seventh month of pregnancy Weeks 28 – 31
Eighth month of pregnancy Weeks 32 – 35
Ninth month of pregnancy Weeks 36 – 40

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