Prenatal Care During Pregnancy

When do you have the first ultrasound? What about gestational diabetes? Calculate the dates for your prenatal check ups with this calculator.

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What information does the prenatal care calendar provide?

Prenatal-CareDuring the 40 weeks of pregnancy you will go through a series of check ups for your prenatal care to make sure that everything is okay and healthy with you and your baby. Thanks to this calculator you can create your own prenatal care calendar depending on the last time you had your period, as this is the best way to calculate your due date.

How does the prenatal calendar work?

This calculator works in a very simple way. To find out what date you need to have your prenatal care checks, input the date of your last period and click the calculate button. Immediately you will have a calendar of medical tests that you need to carry out for your personalised pregnancy depending on the estimated date that your baby will be born.

Thanks to this calculator you can find out which week you need to carry out the essential prenatal tests (e.g. ultrasounds). It will help you understand how your baby is doing, find out how big it is, how much it weighs and also how you, as mum, can keep healthy.

What are the main pregnancy check ups you need to do?

Spread out over the 9 month pregnancy period, there are different medical tests that you ought to do depending on the week of pregnancy you are in. Although they are not all compulsory, they will help you to know more about the baby growing inside of you.

The main prenatal checks are:

  • First ultrasound (week 12)
  • 20-week ultrasound
  • Nuchal translucency
  • Amniocentesis
  • Gestational diabetes test (or O’Sullivan Test)