Diet Zone Calculator

The Diet Zone Calculator works out your average Body Fat Percentage to help you decide what you need to do to improve your Diet and Fitness Regime.

Height :
Hip Measurement:
Waist Measurement:

Percentage of body fat: %

Body fat: Kg

Lean body mass: Kg

Level of activity:

Daily protein requirement :

Protein blocks:

Carbohydrate blocks:

Fat blocks:

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Diet CalculatorUsing detailed information about your measurements to ensure accurate results, the Diet Zone Calculator works out your overall percentage of Body Fat. Indicating your Body Fat and Lean Body Mass, the Diet Zone Calculator can help you to distinguish what you need to improve and how you can improve your health and fitness levels.

How does the Diet Zone Calculator work?

Simply enter your measurements (weight, height, waist circumference and hip circumference for women) into the fields of the Diet Zone Calculator. After clicking the calculate button, the Diet Zone Calculator will provide all the necessary information regarding your health. When taking your measurements, we recommend the following means of measurement to make the results of the Diet Zone Calculator as accurate as possible:


  • You should take all measurements at least three times and calculate the average.
  • All of the measurements should be in centimeters.
  • Measure your height without shoes.
  • Weight without clothes or wearing light clothing is preferable
  • Measure your hips (women) at the widest point
  • Measure the diameter of your wrist (men) in the space between your dominant hand and bone.