Harris-Benedict Calorie Calculator

Based on the Harris-Benedict Method, the Harris-Benedict Calorie Calculator allows you to find out the number of calories you consume daily!

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The Harris-Benedict Calorie Calculator determines the total number of calories in all of the food you eat. Essential before starting a Weight Loss or Diet Programme, you need to know exactly how many calories needed for you to maintain, increase or lose weight. The Harris-Benedict Calorie Calculator uses a variety of parameters to establish the precise number of calories in what you eat on a daily basis!

How does the Harris-Benedict Calorie Calculator work?

The Harris-Benedict Calorie Calculator bases its recommended Daily Calorie Intake on a variety of different parameters depending on factors such as: gender, height, weight, age and physical activity.

With these factors, the Harris-Benedict Calorie Calculator is able to calculate the basal metabolic rate (BMR) which is the amount of energy you will need for your body to function correctly. We should never eat fewer calories than the metabolic rate number which is calculated using the following equations:

  • BMR Woman = 655 + (9,6 * P) + (1,8 * A) – (4,7 * E)
  • BMR Man = 66 + (13,7 * P) + (5 * A) – (6,8 * E)

Once you have received the Basal Metabolic Rate, the Harris-Benedict Calorie Calculator accumulates the values to provide the recommended daily allowance of calories for your body depending on whether your aim is to maintain, lose or gain weight!


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