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Find out your Body Fat Percentage as well as your weight range and recommended calorie intake with the free Body Fat Calculator!

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Level of activity
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Body Mass Index (BMI):   26.5  kg/m2
Waist/Hip ratio:   0.51
Percentage of body fat:   25.8%
Lean body mass:   60.8 kg

Usted tiene 4.9 kilogramos (10.7 libras) de sobrepeso.
Calorías mínimas necesarias: 2242 Calorías diarias
Limite su consumo alimenticio a 1905 calorías diarias.
para perder 1.1 Kg por mes.
Su dieta debe contener cuando menos 84 gramos de proteína por día.
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Find out your body fat percentage with the free Body Fat Calculator. Simply enter the blank fields with information, such as, your height and weight measurement to discover your body fat percentage. Simple-to-use, achieve your ideal weight and kick start a new diet regime by finding out more about your body with the help of your own Body Fat Calculator!

This online application allows you to easily discover what your body fat percentage is.

How to calculate body fat percentage?

This online calculator works simply. First, choose the system of measurement between decimal metric (Europe) and Anglo-Saxon system. Then, fill in the following medical details:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Wasit
  • Neck
  • Hips (for women)

You will also need to select your gender and your daily activity rate (sitting/moderate activity/very active). Finally, click the calculate button and you will immediately have your BMI (body mass index), your height-waist index, your body fat percentage and your LBM (lean body mass).

What is the ideal body fat percentage?

The recommended body fat measurement varies depending on each person, whether they are male or female. This table indicates what your ideal percentage is depending on if you are…


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