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Are you on the Weight Watchers Diet? Find out how many Weight Watchers Points are in your food and meals with the Diet Calorie Points Calculator.

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The Diet Calorie Points Calculator makes losing weight with the Weight Watchers diet even easier by keeping track of your Weight Watchers Points. Find out exactly how many WW Points are in all of your favourite foods and meals with the help of the Diet Calorie Points Calculator. To find out how many Weight Watchers you should be consuming each day, you can also consult the Weight Watchers Diet Calculator which can calculate your daily Weight Watchers Points Allowance.

The Weight Watchers Diet, also known as the Points Diet, is based on a Points System. Not always easy to calculate, the Diet Calorie Points Calculator works out the Weight Watchers Points value of all types of food. Before using the Diet Calorie Points Calculator, we suggest consulting the Diet Zone Calculator found in the Nutrition Calculators section which uses your weight, height, waist circumference and hip circumference (only for women) to determine your overall WW Diet goal.

How does the Diet Calorie Points Calculator work?

Simply provide the known nutritional information (such as, the calories, fats and fibre) of a meal or type of food into the Diet Calorie Points Calculator. After pressing the calculate button, the WW Points Calculator uses the nutritional information provided to calculate the total number of Weight Watchers Points attributed to the relevant food.


Fibre (R,4) means that for every gram of fibre in the food that you eat, the first 4 are used. If the food item has less than 4 grams of fibre, it is interpreted as (R/5) and if you have more than 4 grams, it is (4/5)

With our Diet Calorie Points Calculator you can find out the amount of WW points found in a food item automatically!


How can I find out the number of WW points I eat on a daily basis?

To calculate the number of Weight Watchers Points consumed every day, you can use the Weight Watchers Diet Calculator. Simply fill in the required fields of the WW Points Calculator to find out your Daily WW Points Intake.


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