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Find out the recommended weight for a person of your height and age with the Ideal Weight Calculator. Use the Ideal Weight Calculator now!

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Find out your Ideal Weight with the free Ideal Weight Calculator. Using statistics like your height and age, the Ideal Weight Calculator determines the recommended weight exclusive to you and your body type.

What is my Ideal Weight?

Ideal Weight CalculatorsNo one has the exact same height, build or body shape so the ideal weight for one person won’t be the same for another. The Ideal Weight Calculator takes into account the two unique factors of your height and age to calculate your ideal weight.

Simply fill the three fields  (gender, height and age) into the Ideal Weight Calculator and press the calculate button to find out your ideal weight!

Is the Ideal Weight Calculator reliable?

The Ideal Weight Calculator is an online tool that can help you to discover the recommended weight for your height, age and gender. However, the results of the Ideal Weight Calculator should be used as guidelines from which you can base your dietary and fitness regimes. For more detailed and tailored results we recommend that you see a doctor or nutritionist as they have the experience and resources to calculate your precise ideal weight and advise a nutrition plan best suited to suit your individual needs.