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Find out for how long you would need to exercise to burn the calories of your dessert with the Dessert Calculator.

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Breakfast Calorie CounterKeeping fit and healthy doesn’t necessarily mean having to stop indulging in desserts like puddings, brownies, sundaes and ice creams. Stay slim and in shape whilst still enjoying your favourite sweet treats with the help of the Dessert Calorie Calculator. Use the Dessert Calorie Calculator to find out how much of your preferred exercise you would need to do in order to burn the calories of a dessert helping. Depending on the level of activity, the amount of time needed to burn the same number of calories varies. Discover how long you would need to workout to burn the calories of your dessert!


How does the Dessert Calorie Calculator work?

All you need to do is select the type of dessert (or most similar type of dessert) you’ve eaten or are going to eat from the list provided by the Dessert Calorie Calculator and then indicate the size of your dessert portion. Finally, choose the form of exercise you intend to do to burn the necessary calories, as the Dessert Calorie Calculator needs to take the level of activity into account, before pressing calculate. The Dessert Calorie Calculator will immediately display the time needed on your chosen activity or exercise to burn the calories of your dessert. Not for the faint-hearted, the Dessert Calorie Calculator can help you to burn off your sweet treats and snacks!