Gender Calculator: Boy or Girl?

Are you pregnant and want to find out the sex of your baby? With the Gender Calculator you can find out whether it will be a boy or a girl!

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How can you predict the sex of a baby?choose baby gender

The gender calculator (Boy or Girl) is based on the Chinese pregnancy chart which claims it can predict whether the baby will be a boy or a girl based on the mother´s age and the month of conception. So, if you want to use the boy or girl calculator it´s simple, just enter the two values (Your age at the moment and the date in which you thought to have conceived your baby) and then put these into the calculator.

Are the results from the calculator reliable?

The gender calculator is simply a modern tool that is based on the ancient belief,  the Chinese pregnancy calender. This does not replace the result you would get by an ultrasound or from a doctor. If you want 100% accuracy you should seek advice from your doctor.

What is the Chinese pregnancy table?

The  Chinese pregnancy calender is an ancient oriental tradition which can predict the sex of the baby before birth. It is done by simply crossing the two values, the first from the moon age of the mother at the time of conception and also the lunar month in which the child was conceived.

Below you can see the Chinese pregnancy chart.