Protein Calculator

With our Protein Calculator, find out the recommended amount of protein for your body. The Protein Calculator is the perfect tool to control your nutrition.

Protein Calculator

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Protein CalculatorThe Protein Calculator indicates the recommended daily amount of protein needed to keep you healthy and fit. Tailored around your personal information, the free Protein Calculator provides a result individual to you. If you’re intending to start a Weight Loss Program and change you diet, the Protein Calculator can tell you how much your protein intake should adjust accordingly.

How does the Protein Calculator work?

The Protein Calculator simply requires you to fill in the required fields with the necessary information, such as, weight, height and level of activity. Then, after pressing the calculate button,  you will receive your recommended daily consumption of protein.

Please remember that you need to know the number of grams contained in all the food you eat to be able to watch your diet and find out the right balance for you.


What is the right amount of Protein to have a day?

The recommended daily protein allowance varies with every individual (and their body mass) and the type of protein you can consume. The Protein Calculator estimates the amount of protein you need for your body size, age and structure.

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