IVF due date calculator

Calculate an estimate due date after In Vitro Fertilization. Discover how to calculate what week your baby will be born!

Fecha de la extracción del óvulo

Nota: Cada embarazo es diferente, por lo que las fechas son aproximadas. No se debe tomar esta calculadora como sustituto del diagnóstico médico o el consejo de un profesional.
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How to calculate a possible due date after IVF?

edd-ivfDifferent from calculating the EDD (estimated due date) where conception is natural, to calculate when your baby will be born after In Vitro Fertilisation you must take into account 3 factors:

  • Date of extraction of eggs
  • Date of embryo implantation (day 3)
  • Date of embryo implantation (day 5)

To be able to calculate a possible due date after IVF, you will need to be certain of when it has taken place, the exact moment of insemination or when the embryo had been implanted in the uterus. Once you have input the necessary data, click the calculate button!

Immediately, you will have the results not only for when your baby will be born but for how far along you are in the pregnancy.

Given that it is common for multiple pregnancies after IVF, this calculator can also estimate your due date if you are expecting twins or triplets.

Find out all you need to know about your pregnancy using our pregnancy calculators and discover the facts of any doubts you might have during this special time.

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