Calculate Recommended Daily Intake

Discover what is your recommended daily intake of nutrients, minerals and vitamins using our simple nutritional calculator.


Nutriente Unidad CDR (min) CDR (max)
Vitamina A
¿Qué alimentos tienen más Vitamina A?
Vitamina C
¿Qué alimentos tienen más Vitamina C?
Vitamina D
Vitamina E
Vitamina K mg
Vitamina B1 (Tiamina) mg
Vitamina B2 (Riboflavina) mg
Vitamina B3 (niacina) mg
Vitamina B5 (ácido pantoténico) Vitamina B5 (ácido pantoténico) mg
Vitamina B6 Vitamina B6 mg
Vitamina B12 mg
Vitamina B9 (Ácido fólico) mg
Vitamina H (Biotina) Vitamina H (Biotina) mg
Paba     *   *
Colina mg
Calcio mg
Potasio g
Sodio g
Fósforo mg
Magnesio mg
Cloruro g
Fluor mg
Otros elementos      
Hierro mg
Selenio mg
Yodo mg
Zinc mg
Cobre mg
Mangnesio mg
Cromo mg
Molibdeno mg
Boro mg
Silicio     *   *
Vanadio     *   *
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With this online calculator you can easily discover what is the recommended quantity of nutrients that you should be intaking daily.

How does the daily recommended intake calculator work?

It is simple to use, enter your gender (male/women but also for women currently breastfeeding) and choose between a range of ages (from newborns to elderly). Press the button “Calculate RDI”.

Immediately you will have your recommended daily intake for each nutrient from minerals to vitamins as well as the maximum quantity that you should try not to overtake.

What is the RDI for proteins and calories?

As well as the recommended intake for nutrients, you can find out the recommended daily quantity for proteins and calories using the following calculators:

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