Weighted Average Calculator

Find out the weighted average of a set of values with this simple online mathematical calculator!

Weighted average

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Weighted-AverageIn the same manner as the arithmetic mean calculator, the weighted average calculator helps you find out the mean value from a group of numbers. However, the difference is that with the weighted average you are given a specific weight for each value showing which values have more influence on the results than others.

How does the weighted average calculator work?

This mathematical calculator is easy to use. Indicate the values of the group of numbers that you want to find the average of, separating them with commas. Then indicate the weight of each value, also separated by commas and press the “calculate” button.

The calculator will automatically do the maths for you and find out the weighted average of your values.

How to calculate the weighted average

If you want to learn how to calculate the weighted average by hand, without a calculator, check out the following information on how to calculate the weighted average.