Calculate the Median with Excel

Learn how to calculate the median of any group of numbers with this simple Excel function. Find the middle number!

ExcelThe median of a group of values is the figure that will be exactly the middle value between them all, with an equal number of values higher and lower than itself. It is different from the average, which is the midpoint between all the numbers.

There is an Excel function to find out the median called MEDIAN function:


To use this function, simply enter the list of numbers (up to 30 different values). Automatically, Excel will calculate which number is found as the middle of all the values.

Mean, Median and Mode in Excel

These three concepts are usually confused with each other. However, they have their own functions and purposes. The same group of numbers will have different statistical results for each of the concepts.

If it isn’t the median you need to calculate, learn how to calculate the average or the mode in Excel.

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