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Try our easy to use QR Code generator if you wish to create a simple, color customizable QR code online that suits your brand.

Just like bar codes, QR codes are designed to be read through your smartphone’s camera and acquire new information about a website, an App, or contact information like a telephone number. You will be able to identify QR Codes though their square-shaped image, with small frames on three of their corners, the two corners at the top and the one on the bottom right. QR codes are of an international standard (per the ISO/IES18004) adopted in June 2000 and they are open source and free to use. If you want to know how to generate a QR code, use our online tool here as part of our Marketing Calculators and personalise your QR code.

How to create a QR code with the generator

Before using a QR code remember that for the reading of the code to be simple and fast the best way to do this is to choose a black and white QR code. Nevertheless if you want to use other colors makes sure that they contrast well with the background color. After that, here are the steps you need to follow for your own QR code :

  1. introduce the text that you want to codify as a URL or an app to download. In whichever case, it’s highly recommended that the landing page the user is redirected to has a responsive design to ensure a return on investment from the campaign and pay off the money.
  2.  chose the color options that correspond to your brand or the colors and tones that are most suitable for your campaign. The background can be white, transparent, a solid color or an image.
  3.  the next step to use the QR code generator is to choose the basic options, such as the size of the pixels and the margin.
  4.  in the advanced options you may also choose between a series of parameters to personalise your qr code.
  5.  finally press the generate button and you will get an image to insert in whichever brochure or corporate paper your company has produced alongside it. The generated QR codes can be used to be printed off, for commercial or non-commercial usage.

Once you have your code, try it using different smartphones so that it works properly, in all the platforms you have used it in, and make sure it reads smoothly. In case of any doubt, we recommend using using several colour schemes, sizes and other characteristics that best adapt to your needs as a entrepreneur.

What are QR codes used for?

Normally QR codes are used to facilitate the usability of a specific action, such as downloading an ebook, or getting one’s contact details to enlarge a database. It is thus an extremely effective online marketing tool. You can send a text message, load a website, call a cellphone, add an event to your calendar, share a precise location and much much more.

What size do QR codes have to be?

To facilitate the readability of your code in a magazine or other medium the most recommended size is to print the QR code in 3×3 centimeters, that way you will be able to decipher it from a distance of up to 10 centimeters with your smartphone.

How to read a QR code?

To read a QR code with these characteristics, you need to download a QR-code Reader app, scan the code with your mobile’s camera and the application will recognise the associated information or action.

Do generated QR codes expire?

No, QR codes from our generator last forever, they are static and therefore unless the landing page or the contact number are no longer recognised it will always redirect to them.

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