Marketing Calculators

Our Marketing Calculators provide the tools needed for your campaign. From measuring Key Performance Indicators to miscellanous tools, we’re here to help

On this page you can find all the Marketing calculators required for your enterprise. Whether you are a new startup or an established business, marketing is a crucial part of selling your product or service. Marketing is the sum of all the activities your business engages in to promote the buying or selling of your product. As such, our calculators here will also often go hand in hand with our business calculators.

Useful calculators for marketing budgets

One of the starting blocks when designing your strategy is how much of your budget will need to go towards your marketing, and within this what will be left for advertising spend.  Knowing how much you need to spend on marketing is the goal of our calculators here below :

Useful calculators for advertisement key performance indicators

Once you have a marketing budget, you will want to measure the success of your marketing team by evaluating how well your advertisements are performing. For this you will need to calculate some key performance indicators of your ad campaign. Our calculators are especially centered on how well your digital advertising campaign is going.

Digital Marketing Tools

We also provide some useful tools for digital marketing. Whether it is generating a QR Code or checking if your influencer’s Instagram followers are actually real, we have some easy to use generators to save you time.

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