Cost Per Click Calculator (CPC)

The Cost Per Click Calculator we provide is a handy way to add up the amount of money spent per click on an advertisement. Evaluate your ad’s performance.

The Cost Per Click has become an essential calculation for the advertisement industry and for businesses wanting to evaluate the effectiveness of digital marketing and PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns. As part of our Online Marketing Calculators series we have here a simple tool in place for you to immediately save time. With your CPC you will be able to rate how well your internet ad is doing.

Why use cost per click?

CPC is the general metric used to determine the effectiveness of an advertisement online in attracting attention. It simply

CPC Calculators are often used for Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, where the advertiser pays the host of the website for the ad on the basis of the amount of clicks the ad receives rather than a fixed price.

From the CPC you can also derive other calculations such as the maximum CPC.

How do you calculate the cost per click (CPC)?

Let us take two key figures from your marketing team’s data on an ad campaign to calculate the CPC, which you insert into the fields above :

  • Number of clicks : simply the amount of time your ad was clicked. Note that sometimes
  • Advertising cost : the amount of costs associated with getting the ad up and running

With this, you divide the costs by the number of clicks.

CPC = Advertising cost of campaign / number of clicks

How does a cost per click calculator work?

Simply inputting the figures above in the related fields of our calculator and then pressing the calculate button will give you the ratio of your CPC.

What is a good average cost-per-click?

The lower the cost per click the better. A cost per click that is excessively high requires adjusting. A low one is a guarantee for a better cost conversion rate of your advertising campaign. It often depends on your industry, but around 3$ for every click is considered a benchmark in the US.

An alternative to the CPC is the CPM calculator. Learn about it!

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