Pokémon IV Calculator in Excel

Use this document in Google Drive to find the statistics of your pokemon and predict how your Pokémon needs to evolve to reach maximum power.

With this Drive document, you will be able to find all the hidden statistics (or individual values) of each pokemon so they are at a perfect level.

How to use the Pokémon GO statistics Calculator

It is very easy to use. First go to this link and make a copy of the calculator in you Google Drive account.


Once you have copied the calculator in your Drive or in Excel, start to fill it in with your Pokémon’s information (all, or those that you think is necessary) You can find the data that you need for the calculator on the tab of each Pokémon:

  • Combat points (CP)
  • Health points (HP)
  • Dust prices

Also you should indicate if the pokemon has already increased on each occasion. (Powered up)


With these 4 elements, the calculator with find out the current level of your Pokémonjust like it’s perfect level. Also it will show you the possible combinations of growth that they still have, and what its maximum power will be with all the developments that it currently has available.

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