Pokémon IV Calculator

With this calculator you can find the statistics (IV) and the perfect level for your Pokémon and what you need to reach the perfect Pokémon

With this calculator, you can find out the combination of the Individual Value (IV) which is the best way to reach the best evolution of your Pokémon.Pokeball

With this tool, you can easily reach the statistics of all your Pokémon, almost like a perfect level. Also you can know which is the best route to follow in order to reach the most perfect pokemon possible after evolving.

How do I reach the Individual Values and the perfect level for my Pokémon?

Each Pokémon has their own statistics or Individual Value that is unique to them and we must take into account when deciding if it’s worth evolve or not. The three fundamental statistics of any pokémon are:

  • Attack
  • Defence
  • Stamina

Based on these three values, you can calculate the Level of Perfection of a Pokémon which is related to the number of fighting points that it has.

These statistics or Individual Values are hidden and you can’t see them directly in the Pokémon Go app. However, there are tools that exist which you can use to find the statistics of each pokemon and to predict the possible combinations which you can do to get the maximum power of the Pokémon :

  • Pokémon IV Calculator in Excel
  • Pokémon IV Calculator (online)
  • Pokémon Statistics

Why are the Pokemon’s Individual Values important?

The Individual Values allow us to better know each Pokémon and its skills, even before they have started to evolve. We tend to evolve pokémons who already have a larger combat power. However, we know that Pokemon’s Individual Values allows us to predict which Pokemon will be the most powerful with time and how much it will cost us to reach the perfection.

Pokémon with a low fight level have a lot more possible combinations. As we increase their statistics and evolve them with more powerful Pokémon , the path will become clearer and it will be easier to predict the ultimate power of the Pokémon.

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