Cat Names

We can help you find the perfect name for your pet cat using this easy online tool. Thousands of cat names for you to choose from!

Choosing the perfect name for a cat is not easy. When you get to know your cat for the first time, while it is a kitten, you will have to search for a name that defines their character, that they will like and that will sound good. However, sometimes it is hard to tell what they will be like when they are older.

With this simple online calculator tool you can browse through hundreds of names on our cat names database and find the perfect one!

How does the cat name tool work?

It’s easy! Simply choose from the following categories for your search:

  • Sex: is your cat male or female?
  • Initial: what letter do you want your cat’s name to start with?
  • Number of letters: do you prefer a short or long name?

Click the button once you have filled in the details to immediately browse through suggested names according to your search. If you are still unsure, click “get new name” for another option. If you leave the categories blank, a random name will be generated for you.

List of cat names

If you would rather view a complete list of cat names then check out the following suggestions:

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