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Discover which Dog Breed best suits you and your lifestyle from our selection of Animal Calculators. Finding your ideal Breed of Dog is simply a click away with the free online Dog Breed Calculator.

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Are you thinking about getting a Dog as a new pet? If so, you need to make sure you choose the Dog Breed most compatible with your personality and lifestyle as not all dog breeds have the same needs or require the same amount of attention. The Dog Breed Calculator can help you to find out which Dog Breed is best suited to you. According to your tastes, characteristics and lifestyle, the free Dog Breed Calcultor will help you to find your ideal canine companion.

Choose Your Ideal Breed of Dog

The Dog Breed Calculator is based on a series of factors pertaining to your personal preferences and lifestyle to offer the most reliable result and find the best Dog Breed for you:

The Appearance and Behaviour of the Dog…

  • Dog Size: Would you prefer a small, medium or large dog?
  • The Dog’s Fur: Would you prefer a dog with short or long fur?
  • Dog’s appearance: Is there a particular type of dog which you like best?
  • Dog’s friendliness: Do you want your dog to be friendly and sociable towards strangers or not?
  • Independence: Would you prefer a more independent  and self-reliant dog?

Influence of your Lifestyle on the Dog…

  • Training and Exercise: Will you be able to dedicate time to train your dog?
  • Cleanliness: Will you be able to dedicate much time to the cleanliness and hygeine of your dog?
  • Home: What is your home like?

The Needs and Activities of the Dog

The final questions will help you find your ideal type of dog, thanks to the Dog Breed Calculator, are centred around the activities you would like your dog to be able to do.

Simply, fill in all the relevant questions and click on the “Calculate Ideal Dog” button. Your ideal Breed of Dog will be calculated straight away!

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