Alcohol Calories Calculator

Alcohol makes you put on weight! Discover how many calories are in some of your favourite drinks using our simple calorie calculator.

Total calories (per week)

Table of calories per drink

Drink Amount
Number of times
Beer Beer
NormalRRe 350ml 153
Light 350ml 103
Spirits Distilled-Spirits
gin, rum, vodka, whisky, tequila 45ml 97
Brandy, cognac 45ml 98
Liquor 45ml 165
Wine wine
Red Wine 150ml 125
White Wine 150ml 121
Sweet Wine 100ml 165
Sherry 60ml 75
Port Wine 60ml 90
Champagne 120ml 84
Sweet Vermouth 90ml 140
Dry Vermouth 90ml 105
Cocktails Cocktails
Martini (traditional) 65ml 124
Martini (extra dry) 65ml 139
Cosmopolitan 80ml 146
Mojito 180ml 143
Margarita 120ml 168
Piña colada 270ml 490
Manhattan 100ml 164
Daiquiri 60ml 112
Whisky Sour 100ml 160
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Alcohol-CaloriesThis online calculator works very simply. Above you will find a list of the main alcoholic drinks categorised by their type (e.g. spirits, liqueurs, wine, beer, cocktails). Next to each drink you will see all the useful information you need such as the quantity of liquid and quantity of calories.

How does the calorie calculator work?

If you want to calculate how many calories are usually consumed through alcoholic drinks, you can easily do so by indicating the number of each type of drink you would usually consume in a week and using the calculator you can view your total calories consumed.

Millilitres or Ounces?

The table of calories and the calculator are configured by defect using the standard metric measuring system of millilitres. However, if you want to know the equivalent quantity in ounces (oz), you can use the following converter:

Convert millilitres to liquid ounces

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