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Need to know how much to pay for your tip? Unsure what percentage to tip based on where in the world you are eating? We have a tip calculator for you!

Leaving a tip is sometimes an act of generosity, of mark of satisfaction but also sometimes an unwritten rule of paying for a service depending on the country. This often can lead to confusion when splitting the bill between several people.
When travelling abroad too : you will scratch your head wondering how much tip you must leave without seeming to be overly rude or overly enthusiastic. Tipping culture varies widely across the world.

Fear not, we have a simple calculator to help you find out how much you leave as a tip on the table at the end of your service. And our article below explains tipping culture in several places around the world for you to adapt.

What is a tip?

A tip is a relatively smaller amount of money added on to the bill as a mark of either satisfaction or generosity for the service given. The size of your tip is often an indicator as to how you felt about the people servicing you directly, as a show of appreciation.

Because the tip refers to the service provided, it is often expected that everyone pays the same tip regardless of differences in orders.

What is the tipping culture in the US

Tipping culture in the US is important, as it often includes the labour costs you are paying. The price of the service is thus not necessarily included in the price indicated on the menu. As a result, in the United States, you tip heavily compared to other countries. If you do not tip, it is a signal that you are entirely dissatisfied with the service and rule that people should not be paid for what they offered. The tip is often factored into the minimum wage a service provider should receive.

How much should I tip in the United States

Tipping in the USA can depend on your location. In some states there are less stringent tipping rules than others due to labor laws varying. States with higher minimum wages are more tolerant about not tipping. However, the general rule in the United States is usually a 15-20% tip.

What is the tipping culture in Europe?

Europeans often expect you to round up the bill, and then leave a small amount if you are satisfied with the service. Some countries though, particularly in Eastern Europe, have a similar tipping culture to the United States.

What is the tipping culture in Asia?

In Asia there is much more variance in the way people go about tipping. For the japanese a tip can be seen as a potential bribe. In South East Asia it is much more customary to tip.

How does the Tip Calculator work?

First, insert the amount of people that are paying for the bill.

Next, determine the price of the overall bill and choose your currency.

Finally, input the percentage of tip you want to give or what is customary in your country of interest to leave.

By hitting the calculate button you will obtain what each person will be tipping in the currency of choice.

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