Pounds to Kilos converter

With a simple pounds to kilos converter you will be able to understand better what is meant by weight in pounds when using the imperial measurement system.

This Online Converter British and American people tend to use the imperial system of measurement for some tasks. This is opposed to the metric system used more universally. This is due to both historic and some practical reasons. Often the metric system is adopted anyway in scientific contexts in these countries. However it is still useful to have a converter on hand in case someone uses it in common parlance.

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How do you convert pounds to kilos?

The symbol for pounds being lbs, we take into account the base conversion rate.
1 lbs is the equivalent of 0,453592 Kilos, with a kilo being 2,20462 lbs.

To use our calculator, simply input the amount of kilos and click “convert” to convert them to pounds.

Are US and UK lbs the same?

Yes, the United States and the United Kingdom share the same definition of mass for one pound of something. However, in the United Kingdom there is the use of “stone” as an extra measurement, which is roughly the equivalent of 14 pounds.

Why use pounds instead of kilos?

In scientific research the USA and UK will often revert to the metric system for its usage of base 10. It is said though that outside of tradition what makes the usage of the imperial measurements is their divisibility, as 12 can be divided by 2, 3, 4, 6, and even 10 giving only a small decimal number. In contrast the metric system has a base of 10. Divided by some odd numbers such as 3 would deliver an infinite number of digits.

Why does pound abbreviated to lbs?

The imperial measurement system having been invented by the Romans, lbs is simply the abbreviation of “libra”, which was the equivalent word for a pound in latin.

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